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Born 75, lives near Munich since 2006.


* 13 years of solid classical education (all recorders, bassoon, violin)
* 7 years orchestra/stage with bassoon and violin
* Basic knowledge of piano, organ and guitar
* After the Abitur some semesters of biology
* Training and degree in physiotherapy and alternative practitioner licence
* Sound education in West African drum music and singing:

Billy Nankouma Konaté, Conny Kadia, Anke Lauterborn, Mamady Keita and Famoudou Konaté
* Opening of the own Djembé school in 2007 and exclusive living from music
* many years of experience in teaching African music
* many years of stage experience with colleagues and students
* many years of experience in the repair of djembés
* Further training on drum set
* Further training on various frame drums
* various stage projects with various artists
* again bassoon lessons