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Iniké Djembé - Rhythms from Guinea, is a treasure of the musical culture of West Africa. We present 63 rhythms, with detailed information on tradition and history, both of the individual rhythms and of culture and tradition itself. The rhythms are sorted by festivals and customs.

38 of these rhythms are presented with an intro, the rhythm "Kono Najiri" even has 2 different intros.

For all rhythms at least 2, partly also 3 djembé voices are noted, and of course the voices of the three bass drums, as well as the respective signals.

Billy Nankouma Konaté tells in detail about his life with music and about the traditions of his home country. Raised in Guinea and trained on the drums of his homeland, he has a tremendous knowledge of the culture of Malinké and djembé music. Working with him is a great pleasure and enrichment for me!






Iniké Djembe - Rhythms from Guinea

- 63 rhythms, 38 with intro

- many beautiful pictures from Guinea

- 138 coloured pages in A4 format, 620 grams

- 25 € plus shipping costs

A donation of 1 € per book goes to the association Brücken nach Guinea e.V.